kShutter2: Advanced remote shutter for Nikon Coolpixes

If you had a look at kShutter and decided to build it, you may want to consider a slightly better version, kShutter2, that just includes another button and a LED from the hardware point of view, but is capable of shoot the camera at programmable intervals.

The shutter button, labeled "SH", works as in the original kShutter. The new button, "SQ", starts a sequence of shots. The interval between shots and the shutter speed are both programmable (by default, the shutter speed is 1/30 seconds and the interval is 10 seconds). An example session would be like this:

  1. Hold SQ button to turn on the device; when the LED starts blinking, you can release SQ. Now it is ready to take single shots, by pressing SH, or sequences, by pressing SQ.
  2. To program the intervalometer, hold SQ button again until the LED changes the flashing speed, then release the button.
  3. Hold the SH button during some time and then release it. This time will be the shutter speed used on sequence shots. But have in mind that this will only have real effect if you set the camera in Bulb mode, otherwise, the shutter speed set on the camera will be used instead.
  4. Press (and release) the SQ button. The time elapsed between the depression of SH and SQ will be the interval used on sequence shots (for large timings, this can be boring, but keeps the interface simple.)
  5. After releasing SQ, kShutter2 will be ready again to take single or sequence shots; if you press (and release) SQ, a sequence will start, using the programmed shutter and interval values.
  6. To stop the sequence, press (and release) SQ again. If the camera is taking a picture in that moment, you will have to wait for it to end. Then kShutter2 becomes ready again.
  7. When you are done, hold SQ until the LED is off (the LED will change the flashing speed when kShutter2 enters program mode; you should keep holding SQ). Then you can release SQ. Now kShutter2 is turned off.

kShutter2 schematic

The PIC should be programmed with the firmware file kShutter2.hex. This file is provided for free for non-commercial purposes.