Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There are many camera settings that krinnicam cannot control! Why is that?
A. Nikon does not offer any tool for remote control these cameras, except for the MC-EU1 hand controller, which is a simple intervalometer, and PictureProject Coolpix Remote Control software, that is aimed only for coolpixes 8800 and 8400 with updated firmware. So you should see it as a bonus in other coolpixes, even when the features that can be remotely controlled are few. Yes, it's a pity that we cannot set aperture, shutter speed, ISO, or focal length.

Q. Why cannot I change the settings directly on the camera while it is being controlled via USB, unlike the serial mode?
A. This is a limitation of the standard protocol, which is the one used to communicate via USB. If you want to change shutter or aperture settings, for example, you should click on the Disconnect button. Then krinnicam will (try to) shutdown cleanly the USB connection, so you can manually unplug the USB connector from the computer (better than handle the camera end). The camera will return to its normal operation (perhaps with the LCD monitor off, you can switch it on by pressing the monitor or menu buttons), so you can change the settings as usual. When you're done, just plug again the USB connector on the computer, and click on the Connect button.

Q. Why battery charge level is not shown on krinnicam when using the MC-EU1 emulation mode?
Q. Why zoom focal length (mm) is not shown on krinnicam when using the SC-EW3 or dual cables?
A. By the time of writing, nobody outside Nikon knows how to query the battery charge level or the focal length when the camera is in MC-EU1 emulation mode. Nevertheless, it is possible using the standard protocol, but switching between those modes is slow (the LCD monitor must be switched off and on).

Q. What will happen if I set "interval" to a very short value?
Q. I'm using Noise Reduction (NR). What will happen if "interval" is too short?
A. krinnicam measures the actual time that the camera spend in shooting each picture (including the extra time needed for Noise Reduction). If interval is less that this shooting time, krinnicam will not issue a new shooting command. That means that if you set a very short value, the actual interval will be longer than the one specified; krinnicam will drive the camera as faster as it can.

Q. (MC-EU1 emulation) What will happen with "shutter setting" if I set my camera in other than Bulb mode?
A. Then krinnicam shutter setting will be ignored. Shots will be taken with camera settings. This is the way to go if you want exposures shorter than 1/30 seconds.

Q. (MC-EU1 emulation) 1/30 seconds as higher shutter speed is slow for me. What can I do?
A. Set the camera manually to your preferred shutter speed in S or M mode, or just use the automatic P mode. krinnicam shutter setting will be ignored. 1/30 seconds is the faster shutter speed available via protocol (I tried higher speeds but it seems that it is a limitation of the camera).

Q. (MC-EU1 emulation) How accurate are krinnicam-controlled shutter speeds?
A. Not bad for exposures greater than 1 second. Not very good for shorter exposures, but I cannot control the time that the camera takes from receiving the commands and starting/stopping the exposure. Also, the camera spend some time focusing (in auto or macro focus modes) that krinnicam cannot determine. In sequences, krinnicam will wake up the camera and emulate a half-press button depression some seconds before the actual shot to give some time for focusing, this helps in accuracy.

Q. There is no bracketing option on krinnicam?
A. Sorry there is not. But you can use Gregory Pruden's TheForce, it features that.

Q. When I was ready for the best photo of my life, the camera stopped responding and krinnicam issued some errors.
A. Sorry! If the camera gets confused by krinnicam you will have to remove the battery for some seconds and then reinsert it. Close (or kill!) krinnicam and try again. Note: this sort of "master reset" has actually to be done ocasionally even using the Nikon MC-EU1 remote...

Q. What does "interval" mean? I'm confused!
A. Interval means the time between two consecutive "shoot" commands, not the time from the end of one shot and the start of the following (i.e., interval here is not the pause between shots). So, for example, if some day at 12:00:00 you start a sequence of 2 images with an interval of 30 seconds and a shutter speed of 4 seconds, then the second pitcure will be shot at 12:00:30 (not 30 seconds after the first was shot, that would be at 12:00:34 or even later, because of the time spent in writing the picture to the memory card, which is dependent on picture size, compression, memory card speed, etc. or if the noise reduction function is active).

Q. (UC-E1 and dual cables) After krinnicam made a series of shots, it copies the images to the hard drive, but what happen with the originals in the memory card?
A. krinnicam assumes that downloaded images are in a "safe" place (the hard drive) and erases the originals in the memory card, to free space for the next shots. Actually it is a "move" operation like the one that can be done with Windows Explorer, i.e., if for some reason the movement of the file cannot be accomplished, then the original is not erased.

Q. (UC-E1 and dual cables) What will happen if the images that krinnicam is downloading from the camera have the same name that any already existing in the destination folder?
A. krinnicam features a renaming function that you can use to avoid file name clashes. If you program a renaming rule that lead to clashes, krinnicam will stop downloads.

Q. What will happen with the images I have in the memory card of my camera when I connect it to krinnicam?
A. krinnicam will keep them intact so you will not lose them. Keep in mind that the space they occupy cannot be used by krinnicam, and this will limit the number of shots than can be done.

Q. I got the message "Cannot open serial port".
A. The port may be in use by other application (perhaps another instance of krinnicam?). You should close any application that uses the same serial port.

Q. Is krinnicam script-enabled?
A. Yes! Since v2, krinnicam is fully scriptable. If you are interested on this feature, have a look at the developer's corner page.

Q. It would be great to have a preview in my laptop/desktop PC...
A. You can use krinnicam to shoot a test image, download it and see it at full resolution with a viewer software like XnView. But if you want real-time, mid-resolution preview, try Gregory Pruden's Hocus Focus.

Q. krinnicam fails randomly when trying to download the last shots. What's happening?
A. This has been reported to happen with some camera models under Windows XP. I tried to solve it on release v1.07, available at krinnicam users group, under Files Section.