krinnicam can control the camera using the supplied USB cable (UC-E1), the optional serial cable (SC-EW3) or the dual cables designed by Jean Beaumier and Aristarco. The following table summarizes the available features depending on the cable used:



UC-E1 cable (USB only)
"Standard mode"
SC-EW3 cable (Serial)
"MC-EU1 emulation mode"
Automatic shooting
User specifies # of images and interval between shots.
Shutter speed, aperture, ... are controlled by the camera and cannot be set by krinnicam.
Unfortunately, camera buttons are not responsive in this mode (more info).
User specifies # of images, interval between shots and shutter speed from 1/30s up to camera bulb limit.
The shutter speed is overridable in camera (more info).
Camera buttons are responsive in this mode, so any setting can be changed on the fly.
Bulb mode
Automatic downloading via USB
NO (downloads are possible, but very slow)
Zoom setting
YES (precise focal length slider)
YES (W and T pushbuttons as in camera)
Camera status retrieval
Remaining images, battery charge level
Remaining images
Other settings
Resolution/quality, white balance, focus mode, flash mode, exposure compensation

With a dual USB-Serial cable, krinnicam is able to work in both modes, but not simultaneously. After you shoot a series of images, krinnicam will automatically download the images via USB. With a dual cable, krinnicam uses MC-EU1 emulation mode during normal operation (because camera buttons are responsive in this mode) and only switch to USB when downloading is required.